Yup. That’s right.

After nearly 10 years of not being the iconic Symbiote character, Eddie Brock will return as Venom in the sixth issue of the current Mike Costa Venom run, which will also be the 150th issue of Venom comics as a whole, coming this April.

Costa’s run on Venom has been a rather recent one, starting just last year on November 23rd. The series follows the Symbiote after it was [inexplicably] abandoned by Flash Thompson, former High School bully of Peter Parker turned war veteran, now finding a new host by the name of “Lee Price”


Lee Price, to put it short, is not the most interesting of hosts. Now that it’s known that he’s a transitional host seeing how short of a time he’ll have as Venom before Eddie returns, it can be seen why he was the way he was.

After the events of Space Knight, the Venom symbiote was purified of all evil. Lee Price and his evil ways could be seen as a way to change it back to its former ways, or at least to an anti-hero state.

What will this mean for Eddie Brock, though?

Eddie Brock is currently going through a Redemption arc as Toxin, being a mainstay in 2015’s Carnage run. Now that that series is ending this Wednesday, the build up to this reunion between host and Symbiote may be coming closer than we think….


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Written by Seb [Twitter user: @SYMBlOSlS]


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