Discussion: My Thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Warning: Spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Potential Spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

As you users of the Internet probably know by now, the official Star Wars Twitter tweeted the title of Episode 8:

Episode VIII Title Reveal Image from the Star Wars Twiiter

The Last Jedi? What does it mean? How badly are we being tricked? Last doesn’t specifically mean the singular. It could very well be used in the plural sense of the word.

At first glance, the title The Last Jedi seems to be referring to Luke. But is that too obvious? Of course it is! We live in a world where a plot twist is typically presented to confuse and mystify fans by the end result. So then, who could be the Last Jedi? Let’s run through the possible candidates from least likely to most, in my opinion!

The Last Jedi?

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi/Yoda: A proponent to this theory is that they did have lines in Rey’s Force vision in The Force Awakens. Luke’s training may not have been the most ordinary of situations, but I (and many fans) still consider him a Jedi, so that’s this one out of the mix.
  • Luke Skywalker… I know I just said it’s not gonna be him, but the writers could be forthcoming with this and just straight out make it the obvious thing.
  • Rey: Again, another obvious one. Let’s try to rule this one out. If Rey is learning the ways of the Jedi from Luke, that would make her the Last Jedi in the line, but why wouldn’t she spread the knowledge to the force sensitives of the galaxy. Could she die? Or will she turn to the Dark Side?
  • Luke and Rey: As I said in the opening statements, the word “last” in the title could be referring to more than one person. I feel like this is more likely than either one of them alone. Luke and Rey would be the Last of the Jedi fighting the First Order if this was true.
  • Ben Solo: You’re probably going “Kylo Ren? The same guy that killed Luke’s Jedi students and his own freaking father?!?!” Despite your initial reaction, here me out on this…

The Role Reversal

Here’s Episode VII’s title image side by side with the Episode VIII title reveal:


So looking at the teaser image, besides the title, what’s the biggest difference you see? Hopefully, you said “Star Wars” is RED-colored. You might believe that this is nothing, but what does red represent in Star Wars? The answer: users of the Dark Side like Kylo Ren, who wields a RED lightsaber! What does this change in the images represent? I believe they represent the growing power of the Dark Side. What I propose will happen is that Rey will fall to the Dark Side.


On the Chinese TFA poster (above), Rey is on the Dark Side section of it, next to Kylo, who is holding his red lightsaber. Rey’s signature staff seems to be matching the position the lightsaber is in. Could this be foreshadowing her new weapon and darker path in The Last Jedi? I’m sure you’ve heard this a billion times, but everyone associated with the light is in the middle or on the right. Why would Rey be on the Dark Side of the poster? On the American poster, she’s right in the middle. After watching TFA, wouldn’t it make more sense if Kylo is in the middle due to the balance between the Light and the Dark within him? You could say when he killed Han, he lost the Light side of him, but I think this only furthers his later redemption. I think Rey will fall into Snoke’s influence and Kylo will return to the light. It was brief, but Palpatine’s scream could be heard in a part of her vision. Not only this, but Rey’s fighting style strongly resembles a fighting style only used by Palpatine in the Prequels. “*Gasp* The Prequels?!?”

Recap + Additional Not Included Evidence:

  • Rey uses a similar fighting style when fighting Kylo Ren resembled a move only seen from one other character in the Star Wars canon: Emperor Sheev Palpatine
  • Rey clearly channeled the Dark Side while fighting Ben through her anger. The writing of the TFA novelization illustrates this even more than the movie does
  • She’s on the Dark Side of the TFA poster
  • Her staff is lined up with Kylo’s lightsaber
  • The new logo being red possibly forshadowing the growing strength of the Dark Side through Rey’s power and connection with the Force

Possible Scenario

I believe when Luke and Rey end up confronting  Ben and the Knights of Ren, Luke will fight the Knights and Ben will take a rematch against Rey, now that he isn’t weakened. The Dark Side will fail and Ben and a smaller number of the Knights escape and report to Snoke. Snoke will then realize his immense power of the Dark Side will be needed and he will lead Kylo and the fewer Knights against Rey and Luke to kill what we will believe at the time to be The Last Jedi. This leads to an amazing scene of Luke battling the Knights and Snoke, while Ben attacks Rey once more. Snoke unexpectedly kills Luke and Kylo will realize this isn’t what he wanted and turns on Snoke killing the rest of the Knights. Snoke then goes on to convince Rey it’s pointless to resist the temptation of the Dark Side while Ben tries to convince her that he tricked him, but she inevitably joins Snoke. It probably will be most likely as a double agent because she just saw her master die. This leads to Rey fighting and wounding Kylo yet again, leading him to retreat to the Resistance base using the Falcon’s (?) flight logs. This leads the First Order right to the Resistance and the movie closes with Kylo and some other Resistance members escaping as the First Order assaults the planet. Kylo meditates, has a vision and ignites Luke’s green Lightsaber making him the Last of the Jedi, for now.

With Rey on the Dark Side, Luke killed, and Kylo’s return to the light, that would make Ben Solo the Last of the Jedi. But hey that’s just a theory, a- whoops, not my catchphrase…

For real though, as always let me know what you think, how plausible this overall plot is, and how HYPED you are for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This has been Jake (@ChodnaZoop on Twitter)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes to theaters December 15, 2017. Let the hype flow through you and may the Force be with you, always.


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