Time Isn’t Quite as Timeless for NBC’s Timeless as we Thought

On January 19, Eric Kripke, creator of Timeless and, most notably, Supernatural, took to Twitter with his plea for help. In this letter, he said Timeless is currently a “bubble show”. A bubble show is a new show, nearing it’s season’s end, that could be renewed or canceled by its host network. He addressed the good ratings the show is getting and how the DVR ratings are pretty high. However, he says, “It’s the live viewer ratings (the people who watch Monday at 10, when it airs) that need some help.” I’m guilty of not watching live, but will be probably from the 30th of January onwards. Here’s what he said:eric-kripke-timeless

The story for Timeless is as follows. A technology company creates a time machine, called the Mothership,  in secret. A terrorist named Garcia Flynn manages to steal it and only then do they tell the government what they’ve created. Luckily for America, they still have a working prototype, referred to as the Lifeboat, that can hold a team of three. The government recruits a soldier, Wyatt Logan, a historian, Lucy Preston, and a technician who serves as their pilot, Rufus Carlin to track down and kill Flynn, all the while preserving history. The show dives into the repercussions of time travel quite early. Did I mention not everything is as it seems? Something bigger is playing out in the background as the series progresses. The characters aren’t 100% honest with each other at times and this is a heavy plot point. Being structured how it is, there’s enough action for someone to be entertained, as well as having a dramatic element between the main characters. It makes for a good balance between drama and action.

My first watch up to the midseason finale was typically really late at night. Every other week or so, I would watch three to four episodes because I got behind and it was extremely enjoyable. I showed it to my mom and she fell in love with the show as well. Yesterday, we continued binging it and it reminded me really how much I love the show.

Timeless is one of my favorite shows, in fact it’s the only show that I currently watch weekly until Monday comes and the CW DCTV and Supernatural are back. Eric Kripke is one of the coolest guys who helps produce some of the greatest things. I would feel absolutely crushed if it were canceled. If you’re reading this and you have time, please give the first episode a try. You can watch it either on NBC’s website or the NBC app. The entire series is on their website.

This is Kripke’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/therealKripke/status/822125893430583296

Please RT his tweet and share this article with everyone you know who doesn’t watch Timeless to help Timeless be renewed for another season!

Timeless airs Mondays at 10 EST. This has been Jacob (@ChodnaZoop on Twitter). Special thanks to @drwho_companion for sharing Kripke’s tweet with me. Let me know if you decided to watch Timeless and what you think of it!


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