Superman/Supergirl Maelstrom Review

A vicious Apokolptian villain known as Malestrom has arrived on Earth to kill Superman so that she might become The Bride of Darkseid! Superman and Supergirl join forces to battle the villain but at what cost to Metropolis? From Earth to Apokolips and beyond, Superman and Supergirl face unexpected challenges in this action-packed tale examining what it means to be a hero.

A few weeks ago I picked up this five issue miniseries. It was a strikingly different story, and I found it to be an interesting way to pass the time. The story takes place in Supergirl’s first few months of earth after Krypton’s destruction, as she struggles to adapt to life with superpowers on a new planet. Noticing her struggle, Superman decides to take her off world to better her fighting skills. Things don’t quite fit Supergirl’s plans when their training site happens to be a planet with a red sun, nullifying their powers entirely. Meanwhile back in Metropolis, Maelstrom has come from Apokolips to try her hand at taking Superman’s head. After settling differences, Superman and Supergirl return from the planet to defeat Maelstrom and send her home.

This story had amazing potential, although it was greatly let down by the fact that it only had five issues to tell its tale within. The art style in this issue reminds me more of Alex Ross’ Kingdom Come storyline, than the traditional illustration style I’m used to in the New 52 and Rebirth universes but this is explained simply by the fact that this storyline came out two years before the New 52 debuted. All in all I enjoyed this storyline and would recommend it, although I’m not too sure what you what would think of it!

Signing off for now is Snowwest, or @scarlettxcanary

Disclaimer- summary of story in italics from amazon books/ picture from comic vine


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