The Opinion Corner: Remakes and Sequels aren’t the end of the world.

Nowadays, cinema goers and film fans, while we disagree a lot, always seem to agree on one thing. Remakes and Sequels are killing film. Whether it be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Total Recall, or Robocop, or the God forsaken Ghostbusters 2016 reboot.

People rant and holler about how there are no original movies being made anymore! Hollywood has run out of ideas! Well, frankly, this isn’t true in the slightest.



The truth of the matter is, there are indeed a lot more remakes and sequels being made these days than ever before, but there are also a lot more original movies being made than ever before because in general being made more than ever before.

I believe the only reason people are saying there are no longer any original movies being made anymore is because in all honesty, and I’m guilty of this myself, no one goes to see them. Most original films that are really great are talked about for a few months, then forgotten about forever.

A prime example of this is The Nice Guys, a completely original and really fantastic movie that completely bombed at the Box Office and was seldom talked about. Yet people still blame Hollywood for not having any original ideas.

In conclusion: People complain about no original movies, but a lot of the movies that are original don’t get seen as much as the sequels and the reboots. I think that if people want these movies to be more prominent, they need to make more of an effort to actually go out and view these movies.


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