New Line Splitting Shazam Into Two Films, Black Adam Gets A Solo Film!

Shazam and Black Adam (collage by Extra) photo by DC Comics.
Looks like New Line and DC has officially decided to split Shazam into two films.

New Line has been in development for Shazam for a decade, and now today the decision was made that the Shazam movie will be split into two films, Shazam and Black Adam.

Black Adam will star Dwayne Johnson as Shazam’s arch nemesis, Black Adam, this role has been in his grasp since 2008, now that he is a major male actor, execs obviously didn’t want to have Johnson as just a villain and a supporting character, thus the decision was made to spin Black Adam into his own film.

No filmmaker or writer is attached with Black Adam, however a script is being worked on for Shazam by Henry Gayden, according to a source.

Shazam is out in 2019, no release window on the Black Adam film, both will star Dwayne Johnson.

(Source: Hollywood Reporter, Collider)


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