Ton of Defenders pictures and info comes out

So as a Netflix fanboy I can tell you like candy is raining from the frickin’ sky today, I’ll tell you that.

So the first piece of news we got was a this cover (all this info comes from Entertainment Weekly), and you’ll have to notice Luke’s very yellow shirt!


We also got a BTS video where all the actors talked a bit about their roles, and it definitely sounds like the heroes are going to have a tough time getting along. On top of that we hear Finn (Iron Fist) mention that his character is the one that really knows what’s going on, which has me thinking. We already know, from Comic Con footage description, that Finn’s Danny is intertwined with the HAND, and that he’s well aware of their existence, so either Danny finds something out somewhere between the Defenders assembling and his show, or the HAND are the villains of the show, which was a prominent rumor after the teaser trailer showed a hand (get it?) gripping over New York.

We then got a look at the villain, who is going to portrayed by Sigourney Weaver.


As well, we got a description for her, who we now know is named Alexandra, show runner Marco Ramirez had this to say: “Her character is a very powerful force in New York City. She’s everything Sigourney is: sophisticated, intellectual, dangerous.”, as well as that interesting description, he added “She’s an utter badass”, which really sounds interesting, I’m very excited for Marvel Netflix’s famous villain introductions (Kingpin in the art gallery, Punisher in the hospital).

Finally we got some cool stills as well as some character shots:

The character shots are very cool, and show off some of the heroes’ iconic colours:





and we of course have the stills:


Luke Cage being escorted somewhere in prison, some people have theorized that Matt Murdock aka Daredevil might be the one to clear Luke’s name in court!


Luke Cage‘s Misty Knight interrogating Jessica Jones. I’m sure this is an interaction many fans will be excited to see, and I’m interested in the situation Jessica has found herself in.


Then we get a shot of Colleen and Danny Rand (Iron Fist), looking quite surprised at something, they also appear to be in front of a helicopter, somewhere on a body of water.

We then finally get the (in my opinion) best group shot yet.


Fans will notice that the truck is one owned by Rand (Danny Rand aka Iron Fist, seen to the right of the picture), as well as 616 (the universal code for the prime universe in Marvel comics), something Agents of SHIELD has referenced as well. This most definitely isn’t a still from the actual show, but just a part of the photoshoot. We can see Jessica Jones spraypainting over ‘Public Enemies’ graffiti, replacing the ‘enemies’ with ‘Defenders’.




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