The next Marvel event, “Secret Empire”, will reunite the Marvel Universe!

Marvel has released a new  teaser for the Secret Empire and it is really cool! It shows all the Marvel characters coming together with a Slogan at the bottom that says, “United we Stand.” Which is a complete parallel to the beginning of Marvel Now teaser that said “Divided we Stand from last fall”.united_we_stand

Since Steve Rodgers, Captain America, shield has been a hug part of the teaser, does that mean either Marvel Universe will join Captain America’s Secret Empire, or will they team up against it? There hasn’t been a exact confirmation on what the date it is that Secret Empire comes out, but it does come out sometime 2017!  So stay tuned at Flick Fellas for news of the up and coming “Secret Empire” event!

For everything Marvel comics, Stay tuned at Flick Fellas!

-This is Adam (@MrFlersh on Twitter) signing off!



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