[REDACTED] Makes a Return in Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy – MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD

Dan Slott’s new on-going Spider-Man comic event, Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy, has already shaken up certain aspects of the modern Spider-Mythos. With the recent return of Ben Reilly (along with the reveal of said character taking up the mantle of The Jackal for quite some time), the event has proven that it’s not done with shaking things up.

This is all the more proven with the follow up to next week’s issue of the event (Clone Conspiracy #4), Amazing Spider-Man #32, where it’s revealed that a classic character in Spider-Man’s history has returned – Gwen Stacy. Not a brainwashed clone, not a counterpart from another universe, not Spider-Gwen (though they do make a fun reference to the character in the preview pages) and definitely not an exact duplicate that is also paired with the skinless and homicidal creature created with Peter’s blood – the real Gwen Stacy.

Unless they want readers to believe that, of course.

But if she does somehow turn out to be telling the truth, what will this mean for the future of Spider-Man, considering how huge of an impact she’s made with her death? Time will tell. Hopefully there’s an explanation about surviving a neck snap, though.

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Written by @SYMBlOSlS


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