The Opinion Corner: Why I love Superman.

ktisymu3On this inaugural edition of The Opinion Corner as the title says, I’m going to tell you why I, personally love Superman. But before that, allow me to reintroduce myself.

Hi, I’m David AKA Techno Bacon.

I’m one of the newer staff members at FlickFellas, even though I’ve been around since its inception this past December. The Opinion Corner, as the title suggests, I’ll give my opinion on whatever I feel like for that week. This ranges from film to games to comics (like this one), anything in the entertainment realm. That being said, lets move onto the actual topic of today’s opinion corner.

The Man in Superman

Did Superman ask for any of his powers? Nope.

Were they given to him by some wizard in a random cave? Nope.

Were his parents shot in front of him, leading him down a dark path of Truth and Justice? Not at all, no.

Superman is just a kid that grew up in a small town in Kansas, went to school, graduated from College and moved to a big city like any other person. His planet blew up when he was a baby, but he never found out until he was a teenager. He learns as a teenager that he’s the only one of his race left in this vast universe and put all of his energy and time into protecting a world he wasn’t even apart of.Why does he do this? He doesn’t owe this world a damn thing.

Well, its exactly that. He wants to be apart of something, he wants to belong.

Humans want to belong and be apart of something, despite all of the claims of not being a follower or only doing you, everyone wants to be apart of something and so does he and I think that’s one of the most remarkable things about Superman, through and through, Superman is a HUMAN. His parents raised a damn God to be one of the most humanizing Heroes of DC. That’s what makes him my favorite DC character. He has the powers of a God, doesn’t owe a single thing to this world yet still decides to go out everyday and save it like a true hero.

Superman’s essence is just a God that wants nothing more than to be a Human. That’s what makes him my favorite DC character.


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