Flash Rebirth Volume 1: Lightning Strikes Twice review!

Spoiler Warning: This following Article contains some spoilers for Flash Rebirth volume 1: Lightning Strikes Twice!

Flash Rebirth: Lightning Strikes Twice is written by Joshua Williamson and art by Carmine Di Giandomenico and it is the first volume of the Flash Rebirth series. I really loved this first volume and before this Flash Rebirth, I’ve never read a single comic written by Joshua Williamson, but now I really want to get his other comics because he is amazing! The villain of the arc, Godspeed, was amazing as well  but for me it was really easy to predict who Godspeed was. You can pretty much tell in the first issue of the Rebirth series that August Heart (Barrys Friend) was gonna be Godspeed. New 52 Wally West was really redeemed in the new flash comics because before hand many writers didn’t write him well and they portrayed him as a kid who broke the law and hated the Flash but many others, including myself, didn’t like that. But Joshua Williamson really made me like new 52 Wally West to where I even want the new Wally West to get his own solo series! Also pre-new 52 Wally West has a pretty mild role in the first story arc. He tells Barry how there has been a being that has stolen 10 years from everybody in the DC universe, which also took away many relationships and friendships. But now to the side villains of the story arc. They  were a science-terrorist group who wanted to weaponize the Speedforce, which I thought was a really cool problem for Barry to face as well. I also feel like in another story line we are going to see them again because they are still working in the shadows, even though Barry Allen believes he has brought the organization down. But overall I really loved this story arc for the Flash and I hope sometime down the road we see Godspeed  and the  Scientist group again!

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