Things to look out for in 2017

So we’re now 5 days into the new year and 2017 is really looking up when it comes to shows and movies, so here’s a list of some of the ones I’m excited for and some info on them.

1. The Emerald City (Premiering January 6th) 

The Emerald City retells the story of Wizard of Oz with what appears to be many twists on the classic. The trailer (which can be watched here) certainly caught my interest. The show stars Vincent D’Onofrio (who portrayed Kingpin in the Daredevil Netflix series) and Adria Arjona, a person who’s relatively new to the acting business. It’s premiere is only a day away, and I’ll definitely be watching.


2. Riverdale (Premiering January 26th) 

Can’t say much about this one, considering that we already have an article all about it that you can read here, but if I’m gonna say something from my personal opinion, I’m really watching for Jughead. The character has always been my favourite from the books and I’m very happy with who they chose to play him, so I’ll be catching the show, although I may wait for the season to end to finish it all up, depending on how I feel about the premiere. If you’re on the fence, which is unlikely (most people are either very excited for the show or angry about the darker tone they’re bringing to the generally light Archie comics) you can give the trailer a watch here.


February is when the year really starts picking up.

3. Powerless (Premiering February 2nd) 

It’s quite unfortunate that we’ve been really lacking in the comedy aspect of comic adaptations, especially since there is a lot to work with (Nextwave is one that comes to mind), so the fact that Powerless is coming up is quite exciting. Although people might not have been wowed by the trailer (which can be found by searching up Powerless Trailer online), the cast and the fact that it’s from the same studio as The Office U.S. is very promising.


4. Legion (Premiering February 8th) 

I am very excited about this show, it looks so much different than anything we’ve seen from either the Fox movies or Marvel TV. The reality bending looks amazing and it’s one of those situations where you can’t really get anything from the trailer. I’ve read quite a bit about David Haller and the idea that he’ll finally be debuting is very exciting. You can check out one of the trailers (the ad campaign for this has been very broad) here.


5. John Wick: Chapter 2 (To be released on February 10th) 

Now we come to the sequel to the popular John Wick, and what a great way to start off the movies of the year (there are movies beforehand, but this is the first one of interest for me). Since it’s quite close, you can check out the trailer here, and there’s not really much to say, if you enjoyed the first one you’ll probably be looking forward to this one.


6. The Lego Batman Movie (To be released on February 10) 

Many people were very surprised when they left the theater after the Lego Movie finished playing. I was one of these people. While I went in expecting a few laughs, I found myself enjoying it much more than I thought I would, that’s what gives me such high hopes for Batman. Will Arnett makes a great voice for his take on Batman and the ad campaign already looks very promising, as you can see here.


7. Logan (To be released on March 3rd) 

What is there really to say about this movie? Honestly, not much. The marketing campaign has been fairly subtle for this movie, only one trailer and a few posters less than two months away from the actual release. Maybe that’s good, as the movie doesn’t seem to be the type with a million different promos, the one trailer we got, although not actually revealing much about the story, is really intriguing, and seems to be a bit more slow than anything else we’ll probably be getting, and in a year of fast paced superhero movies, maybe it’s nice to start off slow. That’s  not to say I’m not excited for this movie, the idea of an R rated Wolverine movie is so great that it’s kinda weird that we haven’t gotten it before and I’m excited to see Logan slashing through people in all it’s bloody glory.


8. Kong: Skull Island (To be released on March 3rd) 

What’s not to get excited about when it comes to Kong? The film boasts a star packed cast and a great looking Kong (really, I love the new look they’re going with) as well as the scale appearing very grand. While the trailer appeared disjointed to some, mixing some very intense moment with comedic moments, I personally really enjoyed it, and am very hyped about what’s to come.



9. Iron Fist (All episodes out on March 17) 

Here it is, the start of my Netflix year (aka my actual year, cause I love Netflix more than any other TV/movie series combined), and what a way to start the year. When the Defenders series were announced, the one I was most excited about was Iron Fist (although Daredevil might’ve been tied in there) and now we’re finally getting it, after stories of it not happening, or there being problems, or them not being able to get an actor, we finally get it, just over two months away. The effect they chose for Danny’s fist looks so much better than I ever thought it could’ve been, and I can’t wait to see his suit. You can check out the trailer right here.


10. The Belko Experiment (To be released on March 17th) 

This movie has gone fairly under most people’s radars, and I can understand why, it’s very easy to write this off as just another Battle Royale/Hunger Games kill fest, but the movie, at least to me, has a different aspect, and that comes from the people behind it, great actors and a great writer make it seem like this movie is going to be different than the other stuff we’ve seen, especially since it seems to be more character than action, at least from the trailer. Although I can’t claim that this is at the top of my ‘hype list’, it’s definitely something I’ll be looking out for.


11. Free Fire (To be released on March 17th) 

Ever since The Nice Guys came out earlier this year, I’ve been looking out for a movie that could recapture that same style, being interesting and entertaining while also being funny as hell, and it looks like this might just be it. The cast look promising (Brie Larson and Cillian Murphy are both great) and the movie looks very funny. So far we’ve only gotten a trailer, but based off of that it looks great.


12. Power Rangers (To be released on March 24th)

Now this is a situation where I’m not a fan of any of the original material (The extent of my knowledge is that I picked up one Power Rangers comic once, I think), but the movie itself looks cool, based off of the trailer. Now I’ve seen a few of the designs in toys, and other than the main cast I’m not a fan of the redesigns, some of them  just look plain ugly (see Alpha 5) but I think it might be an enjoyable adaptation, although I’m not personally a fan of the darker tone.


13. Ghost in the Shell (To be released on March 31st) 

Here’s another situation where I know nothing about the source material, so I can’t say much about this other than I really like the world that they’re setting up, it’s got some nice looking visuals and some very cool designs, as you can see in the trailer. Hopefully the movie turns out to be good and beat some of the controversy fighting against it.


14. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (To be released on May 5th) 

What about this movie isn’t there to like? It’s the sequel to one of the most beloved superhero movies of recent memories, it introduces Mantis as well as Kurt Russel’s Ego the Living Planet (yes, that is a thing that will be in the movie) and brings back the amazing cast of the first one (although one might be smaller this time around). The trailer certainly caught some attention, racking in over 14 million views, which isn’t too bad for a group that was basically unknown until 3 years ago, and people seem to be liking it. All I can say, really, is that I’m sure that Gunn will deliver, and I look forward to sitting down in the theater for the first time to see this.


15. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (To be released on May 12th) 

The first time I saw the trailer (in theaters) I couldn’t guess what it was, and that’s probably a good thing. With a story that’s been retold hundreds of times in shows, movies, books and more, maybe it’s time to switch it up a bit, and the movie definitely looks like that’s what it’s trying to do.


16. Alien: Covenant (To be released on May 19th) 

Michael Fassbender and Aliens, those are my reasons for watching the movie. Of course the movie consists of more than Michael Fassbender and Aliens, but for me those are the reasons that I’m interested in the movie. I have yet to see Prometheus, and maybe that’s the reason that I’m so un-hyped for the movie, and why the trailer didn’t do much for me, but I’ll watch it, and maybe it’s a good thing, could mean that the movie surprises me. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand why people are getting excited for the movie, it looks very cool, and especially the aliens, as much as we’ve seen, look great, so I’ll be looking out for this movie, and I’m glad that Alien fans get some more material.


18. Wonder Woman (To be released on June 2nd) 

A lot of people are still on the fence about Gadot’s Wonder Woman, some love her, some still don’t feel she’s right for the role (albeit some of these people are nitpicking tiny things), personally, I thought she was great, but the question arises, can she hold up in her own movie? Well based on the trailers we’ve seen, the answer seems to be yes. It’s obvious to see that this movie still has a lot to prove, after Suicide Squad, which, like it or not, split the fan base, WB has something to prove, and that especially comes up considering that Wonder Woman will be the first female-led superhero movie in a cinematic universe (with Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel not until 2 years later), and eyes will be on this movie for studios to see if a female lead superhero movie could even succeed. Hopefully it turns out on top, and if we’re looking at the trailers, seems like it will.


19. Spider-Man: Homecoming (To be released on July 7th)

Where to even start with this movie? We’ve finally gotten Spider-Man in the MCU (and what a great casting choice) and we’re getting Michael Keaton as the Vulture, with an amazing (pun) design. The movie, of course, has other things to get excited about, we’re finally getting a love interest that isn’t Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy, and of course, one that I’ve been hoping to get for a while, The Shocker. Oh and who can forget the Web wings? Overall this movie puts together things that fans of the Spider-Man comics have been wanting for a while. As always, you can check out the trailer here.


20. War for the Planet of the Apes (To be released on July 14th) 

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was great, so it’s only natural that the next movie in the trilogy would start off with a great trailer. The effects still look great, they’ve got evil Woody Harrelson, and I personally cannot wait.


21. Dunkirk (To be released on July 21)

Now I’m gonna just go out and say it; I’m not a huge fan of war movies, they just really don’t interest me at all, that being said, this movie has definitely caught my attention, particularly from the trailer. The movie doesn’t seem like the usual war movie at all, and that probably comes from Chris Nolan’s direction. The movie boasts some really great visuals and some great actors (Tom freaking Hardy is in this), I’ll be looking out for this one.


22. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (To be released on July 21st) 

While we’re talking about things I’m not a fan of; Cara Delevingne. Honestly, I don’t get why she keeps getting roles and I don’t think she can really act. But the movie certainly has some redeeming factors, the top of those being Dane Dehaan, a really great actor, the trailer also shows off some really cool aliens and seems to be building  a really cool universe.


We go through a little but of a blanker slate between August and October (unless you’re particularly interested in The Emoji Movie) but it picks up again on the 6th on October…

23. Kingsman: The Golden Circle (To be released on October 6th) 

… And what better way to continue the movie year than with the sequel of the much loved Kingsman movie. They, of course, will be bringing back a few of the characters from the first one as well as introducing some new ones (Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges will both be joining the cast), the movie’s still pretty far away so not much I can really say for now, just that I’ll definitely looking forward to this one.


24. God Particle (To be released on October 27th) 

Cloverfield was great, as was 10 Cloverfield Lane, as is the pattern with the Cloverfield series, we can expect a very cool ARG (Alternate Reality Game) behind it, which I look forward to.


25. Thor: Ragnarok (To be released on November 3rd) 

Thor: Ragnarok in November brings together Thor, the Hulk, and Doctor Strange to face off against intergalactic baddies both familiar and new”. I don’t really think there’s much more I could do to sell the movie; it’s Thor, Hulk, and Stephen Strange all teaming up to fight some serious threats (Hela and Surtur). As well we will see Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster and Karl Urban as Skurge the Executioner.


26. Justice League (To be released on November 17th) 

It’s Justice League. Yeah, it’s finally Justice League. It’s been 4 years since Man of Steel came out, and now we’re getting all of the popular DC heroes teaming up to form the JL. It’d be tough to say it was an easy road to get here, especially after the divide that Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice brought up, but it is here. Now whether it’ll be good, if we’re going off of the first look, yes, it will be. If the movie will keep up the quality the trailer seemed to show off, only time will tell, but I’m sure most of the fans are hoping for this to be a success.


27. Star Wars: Episode 8 (To be released on December 15th) 

It’s Star Wars. For the past 2 years we’ve gotten a Star Wars movie in December, and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. While some people aren’t fans of the Disney movies, a lot of fans were very satisfied when it came to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Rogue One, which has a lot of people (myself included) excited for the upcoming sequel to the seventh installment in the Star Wars franchise.


28. The Punisher (All episodes out on a TBA date) 

Here it is, the thing that I’ve been looking forward for since Frank was announced to be in Daredevil season 2, and even more so when I saw the amazing performance he delivered in the show. Since then they’ve cast Ben Barnes as Billy Russo (who became Jigsaw in the comics) and Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Microchip (Frank’s tech guy in the comics), as well as bringing back Daredevil’s Karen Page. This is no question the thing I’m looking forward to the most, can’t wait to get anything more from this project.


29. The Defenders (All episodes out on a TBA date) 

After Daredevil’s premiere in 2015, fans knew that we could expect Defenders to be a special level of quality. If you’ve seen the panel, you can see that fans are very excited about the 4 heroes coming together to form the team, and even more excited to hear that they’ll be facing off against Sigourney Weaver’s villain. All I can really say is that it’s my second most hyped thing of the year (after Punisher).

Marvel's Iron Fist NYCC

30. American Gods (Premiering on a TBA date) 

If anyone has read the Neil Gaiman book of the same name, they’d be very excited once they watched the trailer. The show appears to be staying fairly close to the book, telling a modern mythological story, and I’m very happy with the casting. I look forward to this one, which I would expect earlier this year, although the date is yet to be announced.



All-in-all this year is really packed, and it seems like fans’ll end up pretty satisfied with all we’ll be getting.


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