Top 9 reasons why you should be excited for ‘Riverdale’, by Tim

Hello! My name is Tim and I’d like to give you my top 9 reasons why you should get excited for the new tv show coming to ‘The CW’. This is all my opinions and I can understand if you feel differently. This is a show I’ve taken a lot of interest in lately and this is my reasons for why I have.
Riverdale yo.png
It’s a very creative take of the Archie universe. They’re adjusting this show for the audience of today and still goes for a stylized 50’s aesthetic. The first season has a film noir element to it. Despite the different take, the show will still remain true to who these characters are at their core.
It’s planned to be the next big teenage high school show for this generation. ‘The CW’ has had coming-of-age high school drama shows like ‘90210’ and ‘One Tree Hill’. But today we don’t really have one, and the one we get now seems very unique compared to what we have seen in the past. Seems well made and smarter. If you like high school drama shows then I think you might really like this one.
The production quality and cinematography looks great. Very well shot. This is thanks to the director they have on board who helps bring the creator’s vision alive. The creator is Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. The set design is great and really brings the stylized 50’s aesthetic they’re going for.
Riverdale mystery.png
There’s only 13 episodes and the story seems focused. The murder mystery will get resolved this season and could be a great way to get to know these characters. A great and creative introduction to the weird Archie universe. Should be a nice and easy watch. Probably no filler episodes which means the story won’t drag out for too long.
Riverdale town.png
It won’t be a depressingly dark show. That’s not what Archie is at its core. The scenes are very bright and the cast has also said that the show will be fun and humorous. It will be darker but not that dark. It will have quippy dialogue and pop culture references. Roberto is throwing these iconic, loved and fun characters into a dark murder mystery. To then see how these characters will react to it. It’s a way for new audiences to get to know them. Which I think is smart. The show is very similiar to the new Mark Waid Archie comics.
Archie Andrews.png
The murder mystery is the main plot but it won’t be the main focus. It will be a coming-of-age tale following Archie Andrews. Who seems to be the main character but not the only focus. Archie is somehow connected to Jason’s murder. Which becomes tough for Archie to deal with. He also has to deal with discovering who he is. Between being a musician, a fotball player or studying in business class. The story will also follow Betty, Veronica and some of the other characters in Riverdale.
The cast seems great. They all seem very likable in real life and seem to have good chemistry together. Could translate on to the show. Seem to fit the characters but that will have to be properly judged after seeing it of course. Cole Sprouse who’s playing Jughead is a big comicbook fan who previously worked on a comicbook store. He’s a fan of the Archie comics like many and can relate to people getting upset at dark takes of comicbook adaptations. But he doesn’t think Riverdale will be that case because this show won’t be that dark. It will still remain true to who these characters are and the humor that comes with them. He thinks fans are actually going to love this show.
Jughead 2.png
This season is inspired by the awesome movie ‘Brick’. Being directed and written in a modern noir style. Jughead playing a Joseph Gordon-Levitt type of role in the story, as the detective who is trying figure the mystery out. It should be noted though that Jughead seems to be more of a background mystery in the beginning of the season. We won’t see that much of him until later on.
9. The show is produced by Greg Berlanti. The man has produced Arrow, Flash and other good tv shows. He has a good track record. With him producing I’m sure he sees something good in it. For that reason alone it’s worth checking out, and maybe even get excited for it.
That’s all the reasons I got for you today. If those aren’t good enough then I still think you should give it a try. Maybe an episode or two. Why? Because you still might end up liking it, or who knows, even end up loving it. I think ‘Riverdale’ has tons of potential to be a great show. Telling an interesting coming-of-age high school story. I hope this article got you as interested and excited as me.
‘Riverdale’ premieres Thursday, January 26th, 9/8c on ‘The CW’. Be sure to give it a chance and check it out!
This article was written by Tim (@KostymenTweets, co-owner of Flick Fellas)

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